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Inner Space

In 2002 Lou wrote and produced his very well-received, acoustic guitar-based debut album 'Inner Space'.
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Theory Articles

What the hell's a Semitone? (PDF)
Understanding the Key System (PDF)
Relative Minors (PDF)
Chord construction (basics) (PDF)

You are welcome to download these theory articles free of charge, but if you find them very useful, or intend to use them for teaching or other commercial purposes, please do consider compensating us for the many hours that went into creating them, by making a donation via our secure PayPal account. (Link to follow soon).

Can’t see what you want? If you would like an article on a specific topic, give us a call or send us an email to discuss it and (for a small fee) we'd be happy to help. We are currently working on the following topics:

Diatonic harmonisation of a major scale
Diatonic harmonisation of which minor scale?
Chord inversions
Chord groups
Secondary dominants
Tri-Tone substitution
Chord voicing
The 'Modal' system is one we can't wait to really get into!

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