Lou Stonehill

Professional guitarist, session musician, producer and owner of Studio 4.
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Studio4 Equipment

Our instruments and equipment have been carefully chosen to meet the needs of professional musicians and corporate executives alike to provide optimum output quality.

Control Surface
Twin Tascam DM4800 digital consoles provide a full 24 bus system with 128 tracks at mixdown. The entire work surface is fully automated and totally integrated into the DAW.

Active (soffit mounted) Dyn Audio Air 15, 5:1 system with an active Dyn Audio Air Bass 12 sub woofer.

The system is capable of delivering 2.5KW and provides un-paralleled sonic accuracy and clarity.

Twin Focusrite Platinum Voice Master Pros
Twin Mindpint Envoice
Twin Focusrite Platinum Twin Track Pros

Line 6 POD x3 Pro
VOX Valvetronix AD120 VT
Korg DTR 1000 permanent in-line tuner

Twin Neumann U87ai including shockmounts
Twin Sennheiser E914 condenser
7 x Sennheiser E904 Dymamic
Sennheiser E902 Dynamic Kick Drum/Bass cab

Twin Presonus HP6 - 6 channel headphone amps
6 x Sennheiser HD215

8 piece (pre-Yess) Yamaha 9000 recording series
6½" Pearl brass snare drum
Mapex Janus Ergo hi-hat stand
Mapex Janus double bass drum pedal


Parker NiteFly M
Line 6 Variax acoustic
Ibanez Artist semi-acoustic
E.M.G equipped active Tokai Stratocaster
Various acoustics

Dual Quad 8 Core 3.2GHz Mac Pro
2TB internal disk space (split over 4 internal SATA hard drives)
2TB external (back-up) hard drives
10GB 800mhz RAM
512mb Nvidea graphics 8800GT
OS Snow Leopard 10.6.4

Studio 4's computer equipment is fully covered by the AppleCare parts and labour Warranty. Our machine is solely used to run 'music specific' applications and has only ever been connected to the internet via 'Airport' for registration/authorisation purposes.

Main Software
Steinberg Cubase 5.5
Celemony Melodyne 3

Spectrasonics Omnisphere
Spectrasonics Stylus RMX
Spectrasonics Trilian
Korg Legacy Collection (analogue & digital)
Toontrack Superior Drummer® 2.0
EWQL Symphonic Orchestra (Platinum Plus)
Chris Hein Horns Vol 1 - 4

BIAS Peak Pro 6 XT including master perfection suite

All software is fully licensed, registered, and the latest versions

Air conditioning
Twin Daikin inverter systems provide maximum comfort throughout all working areas in all seasons

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