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Inner Space

In 2002 Lou wrote and produced his very well-received, acoustic guitar-based debut album 'Inner Space'.
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Lou Stonehill Biography

Born into a musical family, Lou Stonehill was always going to take inspiration from his drummer/vocalist dad and ballet dancing mum. But despite his love of drums his real calling came aged 11 when he picked up a guitar, and at just 16 years old was awarded grade 8 Classical Guitar with distinction. Since then Lou has been just as at home playing Latin Jazz on a nylon strung acoustic as Be-Bop or L.A. Fusion on a semi acoustic, commercial rock and pop on a Parker, and then of course there's all the steel strung acoustic work. The list just goes on because this guy's one hell of a versatile player.

Playing with his Dad's band whilst still at school, Lou lied about his age to earn his first 'pro' money for the guitar chair in a production of Fiddler On The Roof at the then Gaumont Theatre Southampton. A cool £78.00 for a week's performances was the reward. Then it was off to Leeds College of Music to read for a Jazz and Light Music Degree under the tutelage of Bryan Layton and Bill Kinghorn among others.

Lou turned professional in 1985 and has taught some 800 students of all abilities aged between four and sixty four. He started running his own recording studio in 1988 and has written over 500 pieces for film, television, radio and corporate video. With 25 years industry experience Lou has recently built his dream studio, Studio 4, in Hampshire (U.K.), from where he currently runs the 'main-stay' of his business.

His client list ranges from Saatchi and Saatchi to British Gas, from Harlech Television to Meridian. He has been an active session player and producer working regularly for the likes of the Townhouse, Qdos, Warner Group and the Rank Organisation. More recently Lou has been a regular face on the national demonstrating circuit working initially for A.R.T. effects, then J.B.L., Hughes and Ketner amps, Rivera amps, Parker Guitars, A.E.R. Amplification etc. He held the position of 'Mr Takamine' on behalf of Korg UK from 2001 to 2006 during which time he was also an endorsee of HK Audio's Lucas range of products.

In 2002 Lou wrote and produced his very well-received, acoustic guitar-based debut album 'Inner Space' on which he also plays Keyboards (and bass on one track, but we're not allowed to mention that). A self-confessed gadget nerd and harmony geek, Lou runs a regular theory tutorial and the occasional 'food for thought' editorial for www.alloutguitar.com.

Whilst being totally approachable about anything to do with Music, Lou is, a true professional, a complete stickler for detail and will leave no harmonic stone unturned. He's not afraid to let rip once in a while though and was the only demonstrator to receive a written warning for noise pollution at the 2005 London Guitar Show…on an acoustic stand? Rock 'n' Roll.

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