Lou Stonehill

Professional guitarist, session musician, producer and owner of Studio 4.
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About Studio4

Studio 4 is a custom-built professional digital recording studio providing composition and production of music and sounds for musicians, television and radio producers, theatres, marketing and advertising agencies, filmmakers, computer game designers and corporate clients.

Designed by Peter Keeling of internationally renowned Studiopeople and built by Jeff Pank, Studio 4 provides clients with a high-end professional and creative working environment using the latest technology, at a competitive price. Keeping the end product in mind, the build team wanted to create not only a great working environment, but unrivalled sound quality, even before a mic is plugged in. The reward is a live room that is 'live' but controlled, and an Iso-Booth that is tight, without being lifeless, which means less time spent on sound correction.

25 years industry experience and a friendly and flexible approach means that whether you are a corporate client looking to record a voiceover for a DVD, want original music for a website, presentation or advert, sound for a computer game or animation, maybe perhaps a bespoke soundtrack to accompany passengers on a rollercoaster, (yes we've done that), or are a musician or band looking for professional production, Studio 4 can meet your needs, on time and within budget. All of the above services can be supplied in either 2:1 Stereo, or 5:1 Surround.

Based on the outskirts of Southampton, Studio 4 is just a few minutes from junction 12 of the M3 with plenty of off-street parking. Benefiting from natural daylight and air conditioning throughout, the custom built studio comprises three isolated areas incorporating a live room large enough to accommodate up to 4 musicians (including a drummer) in 115 cubic metres of space, a separate isolated central control room, a separate isolated vocal booth and two sound lock entrance lobbies front and rear. A pleasurable and inspiring place to work, Studio 4 is clean, tidy, not to mention cable free (or so it appears), and has an integrated WC, washroom and chillout area.

Pleasure in our work also comes from having some of the best equipment in the business. Those in the know can check out the full equipment list here, but you can take our word for it that our quality of output is the best it can be. After intensive acoustic testing, tweaking, and analysis we have created a control room in Studio 4 that has a frequency response which is flat down to 22hz. In short, when you walk into any of our rooms you know instantly that you will leave with a great result.

After 25 years in the industry we know what we like, and Studio 4 is it.

Please contact us for a friendly no-obligation chat about any of the following services: composition of original music, jingles or sounds for film, TV, radio, advertising, DVDs, websites, computer games, presentations or events, voiceovers, transcription, location recording, backing tracks, mastering, arrangement and production services and audio editing.

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